Monday, August 22, 2011

Dear Deployment - - - -

Dear Deployment,

  You have spent more time with my soldier than I have now. It is time that you realize that our soldiers have families as well. I understand that it is an important job they do. I also understand that their families are important too. I am not asking for much, just a little more time with my hero before you send him once again to play in the sandbox.

Mr. President,

  You send our men and women to fight this fight. Have you ever stopped to wonder what it is like for the loved ones of those serving our great country? Have you ever wondered how their families feel having to let go, never knowing if they will ever have the chance to see their loved soldier again? Well, I can tell you now from experience, it sucks. Not knowing if the man I love will ever come home again is more painful than most can imagine. How do you fit a lifetime of marriage and happiness in just a few short weeks?
Let me tell you this, you can't.

I was never one to think too much about how the families must feel. To those that I never had thought about, I'm sorry. Your sacrifice is a tremendous one. One no one should have to endure.   Our loving soldiers go off to fight for us, for our freedoms, for our country. Their loved ones are left behind to live life, raise kids, keep house. As a new Army fiancee`, I have asked myself many times if I can ever be ready for that sacrifice. I can't say that I am okay with this deployment, but I can say that I will stand tall along side my hero as he heads off to fight this war.