Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday Nov. 20th, 2011

Every little girl has a dream of what her wedding will be. She envisions what every detail will look like. She can tell you what her groom looks like in her eyes. She can tell you every detail of the wedding. From the dress she will wear to the colors she will choose to what the cake looks like. She knows how she wants every part of her dream day. A fairy tale wedding of her dreams. To be that princess at least for the day.

I've been married more times than I care to admit. Not once until now have I ever married because I loved the person. The wedding ceremony never matter to me before now. I didn't ever care where I would get married. I never cared about any details. All I wanted to do was get it over with. Until now.

I finally found the man that I had dreamed of when I was a little girl. All of those little details that I dreamed about now matter. This is the marriage that I know I will spend the rest of my life being thankful for. This is the marriage that matters to me. I have never been so happy in my life. I have never felt so complete.

So some of you may know that Jon and I are not yet married. I consider him my husband without hesitation. I love him with every thing that I am. We weren't able to have our wedding before he deployed. We wanted to but circumstances prevented that from happening at the time. Now circumstances are finally changing and we will have the wedding that I have always wanted.

Weddings require a lot of planning. You don't have to spend a ton of money in order to have your dream wedding. It amazes me that people spend thousands of dollars on a one day event. There is no reason to do that. You will have the same memories of your day no matter if you spend a few hundred or tens of thousands of dollars on it.

I have enlisted mom's help to help me get through all of the leg work when it comes to the plans. Without mom helping I would be pulling my hair out. Since I know what I have always wanted; it's in my head but how do you turn that into a reality? Well that is where mom is such a huge help to me. I told her what I was looking for as far as the venue goes. She went right in search of the perfect place. I had searched for days trying to locate the right place. She found two perfect places in just a few hours searching.

Now it's only a matter of me deciding which place I love more. Of course there's making sure that they can be open for when ever our ceremony day can be. With Jon's job, we never know what day to reserve our location for. That's okay, the perfect place will help me to make it happen. My next step in this long journey will be to start looking for my wedding gown. Yes I am wearing a white wedding dress. White doesn't stand for purity now days like it used to. Now days white means a pure love. There is no doubt for me that this love of ours is certainly a pure love.

I know what design of dress that I have my heart set on. I don't know if it will be possible to find one. If I can't find one I may have to look into having one designed for me. Trying to accomplish that on a budget will be tough, but it is possible. I don't give up; I will find my dream gown.I also have to find dresses for our girls. They have to look amazing for the day as well.

Our wedding isn't going to be huge. In fact it's going to be a small romantic wedding. There isn't hundreds or thousands of people to invite. Just family and maybe a few close friends. The location for our wedding isn't real close to home so that also limits who will attend the wedding. That's okay with me, I don't know thousands of people. Besides I would rather keep it small; they are more romantic in my opinion.

Our reception may end up being held else where from the ceremony location. We don't need a huge place. I have so many details to get worked out. Thankfully I do have some time before the wedding. That helps because I have so many things to get accomplished. I have some things to check into to see about saving even more on the wedding and reception. I have ideas for doing that; and I think that it can be done pretty easily.

I am a little worried that it won't be the wedding that Jon had wanted. He did want to get married in a church which I am not comfortable with. I did tell him yesterday about the two places mom and I found that goes with the location that I want. He seemed to like the idea. Or at the very least he was okay with it. LOL It makes it a little more difficult to plan this wedding when he is over there. Because it is hard to get his opinion on things. But we will make it work out in the end.

The day isn't about how  the wedding is anyway. It's about him and I. It's about us finally being able to express our love for another. It's about pledging our love to each other. It's about being happy that our lives are joining together as one. I have felt that way about Jon for so long now that this wedding is just the formality now.

I just haven't been able to decide on one small detail yet. See my favorite color is blue. I love most shades of blue; I also like green. So I can't decide between blue or green. I don't know yet; I guess when the plans start coming together I will just know what color to go with.

I do know that I am not having roses at the wedding. Between mom being allergic to them and them not being my favorite flower in the first place it was an easy choice to not have them at all. Although I do like roses I just don't love them.

As for the cake for the reception; I have a design in mind. I have some of the music picked out as well. We have a couple of girls that want to sing at the wedding! I love that idea. Things are coming together at least in my head they are. No plans are actually made just yet. But they will be started before much longer.

I have to say a huge thank you to mom here. She is helping me in a big way. I don't know that I could do all of the planning on my own right now. I have so many things floating around on my mind. Between loosing the babies and Jon being overseas; planning this wedding is a huge task. Hopefully when we start making the plans it will help to keep my mind off of the other things.

So thank you mom!


When you asked me to marry you; you made my dreams come true. I knew then that I had finally found the man I was meant to spend my life with. The love I feel for you only grows with each passing day. The situation may not be ideal right now; but once you are home and we can start our lives together our dreams will come true. I love you so much baby



Faith Rose said...

I can't wait for the wedding, you are so right about so many things, you and dad are meant to be together, all little girls DO have their own vision for their wedding. I know that dad wont care were you get married.

I honestly think he wouldn't care if it was in the middle of a field or inside the biggest most beautiful building halfway across the world. That's what makes your love so amazing.

I still do plan on singing at the wedding, I'm a little nervous and thinking about how much I have to practice between now and then. I sang the song earlier....yeah lets just say I stink still lol I can't hit Shania very well yet. But I'm trying for your big amazing fairytale wedding.

The wedding will be amazing, not just because of the details not just because of the venue, or menu It will be because you and dad will be saying I do, that I can't wait for.


Faith Rose said...

I meant Where lol

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