Posting Pics that I have altered in Paint Shop Pro here.

My newest work:

My Sweet Rose


Me as a young girl:

My sweet, insane, love of my life:

Our Girls!

My Rose,

Our Lea,

For the love of my life:

A couple of banners:

Mom and Dad~~

Just kids:


Faith Rose said...

I LOVE your tags, you do so good on them.

Lea Johnson said...

You rock mom! Love you. Your so good at this. I think you should do a website of these and let people use them. Or you could sale them.

Betty Johnson said...

You can't sale something that you didn't create babe. All I did was alter the tube that I got from the artist. You can't make money doing that it's illegal to sale someone's work as your own.

But thank you for the compliment.

Boo Johnson said...

I love your tag you rock mom I love you I love all of the tags. Faith is starting to tern like you she loves doing tag Love you I well love them to wen you show me and Lea I well love doing it just like you and want to do it every day love you.

Faith Rose said...

OMG I LOVE the last one you posted! Good job mom

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