Monday, October 24, 2011

Monday Oct. 24th, 2011

Well tonight is a short night. Mainly because I have a ton of things to do tomorrow.

Today was doctor day. It went great! The dr. is happy with how well the babies are growing. And the fact that I am still carrying them well, he is so thrilled. Of course he isn't nearly as thrilled as Jon and I are. We are truly being blessed with these babies. So tomorrow is a long day. I won't be posting here for a couple of weeks, but as soon as I can I will be back to posting daily again. I have a lot of things to get accomplished in the next two weeks. The girls school work is getting busy with a lot to do.

With their novels getting ready to get written starting on the first of November, we will be working very hard to get novels written and completed in just 30 days.

Like I said the doctor said that things are going well. I'll see him again in two weeks, then a month after that. OH yeah! We have a date for babies birth date.  They are going to be born April 21st of 2012! We are so super excited. New baby bump pics are up!


Thank you for this blessing that you have given me and our family. I never thought I would have more kids let alone two at a time. To say that I am happy is wrong, I am ecstatic beyond belief. You have made my life so much fuller since you came into it. I love you with all my heart love. Baby bump pics up on the pic page love.


Saturday, October 22, 2011

Saturday Oct. 22nd, 2011

Bear used with permission from

Well, today has been a long day. Boring in every way. I haven't done much. I got a few programs installed on our desktop for the girls. Rose has been having fun playing with Paint Shop Pro today. The image above was done using PSP as well. I love those cute little bears.

I have been a PSPaholic for going on eight years now. I can remember a time before people on the net thought much about copyright. In PSP groups back then no one bothered putting the copyright information on their tags. I was around for the big change, when everyone started becoming more aware and using the © info on their tags. I was there when a lot of artists started going to Pay to Use (PTU).

I watched companies form and fade away that helped artists to keep their images safe. A lot of things have changed over the years in image creation on the net. I used to have so much fun with creating these tags. I stopped about two years ago when life just got to hectic. Now that things have slowed down, I am once again having fun with it.

The groups of the day (MSN groups) have been gone a few years now. You don't see the numbers of members in groups on other sites as what MSN groups had. I do miss my old group buddies. We hung out online all the time back then. We all learned PSP tricks together. We learned the © ins and out at the same time together.

It's fun working with Rose now teaching her what I learned all those years back when I started PSP. Lea and Boo now want to learn as well. Guess what? I feel a nice long art class coming up! Well, I have yet another blog to get to, and more playing in PSP. So I am cutting this post short tonight.


I'm getting so excited! I can't wait to be able to see you again. There are so many things that I would love to talk to you about. I know though when I see you, talking will be the furthest from my mind. I just want to curl up next to you and listen to your heart beating. I love you my love.


Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday Oct. 21st, 2011


Well it has been exactly 7 days since the last baby bump pics. See how big I have gotten in just a week? The twins are the size of a green olive (1 inch long) right now. Between the fluid and them, I don't know how much room there is going to be here at the momma hotel. Today I have had the normal stretching pains that go along with pregnancy. It feels like they are trying to tear their way out already. Of course it's just everything stretching to make room for them.

So today has been a pretty boring day. Grandpa and I were busy today working on the front porch. We finally have all the plastic up and the door made and hung. The only thing left for tomorrow is to put the plastic on the door. Then it will all be finished. It looks a lot better now that its done. It's also a lot warmer on the porch. The kitten doesn't know what to think about being trapped on the porch though.

Jon has been a busy man again today. I know that part of it is that it is getting so close to time he will have to be away. Part of it is that they are working him to death.

Oh the speech that Obama gave this morning about bringing troops from Iraq home by the end of December? Every one I know had to call or text me to tell me that Jon may not be going overseas after all. Hello? Uh, did you ALL forget that he is going to Afghanistan? I know to us here it is all one in the same country right? No it isn't. I wish half of them would have remembered what I told them. Don't believe anything that you hear on the news regarding the troops. If you want to know if something that was said is true, wait I'll know if it is. Thankfully I have those that keep me as up to date as they can.

Jon tries to make sure I have some clue as to what is going on, for the things that he is able to share with me anyway. The FRG (Family Readiness Group) does their best to keep mom and I informed as well. Trust me when I say that if Jon were going to becoming back home instead of going overseas; he most certainly would let me know.

Now don't take all that wrong, I love each of you that called and texted to try to give me good news. I do appreciate it, but please know that while Jon is overseas I really don't want to know what Obama is saying about the troops. I don't believe half what that man says regarding our service men and women. He usually only tells the public what he thinks they want to hear. he doesn't tell you that when he says he is bringing 30,000 troops home; that he is also sending 30,000 more over there to replace those coming home.

Really I don't need the stress right now of Obama's lies. When Jon is going to come home, he or the FRG will tell me. I just can't get my hopes up every time our government says they are coming home. Thank you all for wanting to give me good news though. Right now the only good news I will be getting, is when Jon calls and says baby I'm coming home. I live for that call.

Jon my love,

Don't forget to take a look at the baby bump page. Can you believe it? That is after only one week! Yep I'm screwed. LOL In a good way, but still screwed. I love you baby and I miss you more than you can know. Hurry home safe and sound.


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thursday Oct. 20th, 2011

Jon being himself.

This is one of the many things that I love so much about Jon. He can just relax and be a kid at heart. He doesn't sweat the small stuff like so many other adults do. He knows how to sit back and enjoy life. I love that about him. There are times when it gets a little on the annoying side, like when I am trying to have a serious conversation with him. But for the most part, it's a refreshing change of pace.

Today has been one of those days where I haven't been able to get my energy level up. I went to bed super late. I woke up really late too. Once I finally rolled out of bed, I couldn't seem to get any motivation to do anything. By three I was ready to take a nap, but didn't. Here it is now shortly before seven and I have eaten dinner. I'm now totally exhausted but know that by ten or eleven tonight; I will finally have woken up. Then it will be a super late night yet again.

Oh the life of a night owl. It's great staying up late for me because the house gets really quiet and I have time to think. It's the time I use to be able to talk to Jon. I know he isn't here to listen to what I have to say, but in a way he is. He lets me talk without interruptions since he isn't here. I don't mean that as if he interrupts me when he is here. What I mean is, I can talk to him while he is gone and I can get everything I want to say out. I don't have someone yelling for Jon at the other end of the house. Most of the time, people pretty much leave me to myself. The girls included in that.

I get to sit and think, or work on my blogs. Sometimes I use my time to just sit and think about where my life has turned over the last few months. Trust me when I say my life has never been better. Honestly half the time I can't believe how much life has gotten so amazing. I never would have dreamed that life could ever be so fulfilling. It is truly an awesome feeling.

Today Jon has been really busy at work. I knew that he would be today, so I have left him alone. He called for a short minute or two this afternoon. He just wanted to check on me since I hadn't texted him all day. I just didn't want to get on his nerves as he was working.

I can't believe that my trip is coming so quickly. I still have a lot to get finished. It seems like I am packing to move, not go on vacation. Yes we women are bad about taking too much when we travel. Really though, I am only taking the things I have to take. Plus the things that he asked me to bring with me. Right now I have two bags packed into a third bag so that I only have one to carry. It however is very heavy so I may not do it that way after all. On top of my two bags inside that one, I also have a camera bag and tripod to take videos of Jon talking to our kids. I also have his cowboy boots and him a change of clothes as well. I can't forget that I also have to bring his cowboy hat. Yep I love it when he dresses as a cowboy for me, he fits that part well.

I haven't packed my shoes yet ( two pair are going in the bag with everything else) plus I have the dress I want Jon to see me in that first day still hanging up. So I have quite a bit to finish getting ready. Oh and I can't forget the external hard drive and the laptop. I'm going to need an extra six months just to make sure I have everything ready in time.

I hate packing, and other than to move I have never needed to pack for a trip. So this is new for me. The train ride is going to be new for me as well as leaving my girls behind while I go on this trip. I know they will be taken care of though. If I didn't know that I wouldn't leave them here. Grandma and grandpa are great with the girls though so I know they are in good hands.

Well, I guess I should end this blog post for now so that I can finish getting things ready. Problem is, I have no energy to get anything done tonight. Oh well, it won't hurt to wait a day or more LOL.


Before much longer I will be back in your arms again curled up next to you. I will be able to feel your heart beating next to mine.  I will be able to feel your breath against my skin. I will continue to look forward to the day when I can hold you in my arms and know that you won't be leaving again. Until then my love, be safe and well.

I love you,


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wednesday Oct 19th, 2011

My sweet Jon and his mom.

This photo was also taken by our daughters. It was taken the day of Jon's Deployment Ceremony. I love this picture because it is one of the very few that we have of the two of them together. Jon actually smiled without it being a goofy one. Mom looks so happy.

Today was a pretty boring day. I woke up to a strange set of messages from Jon. I think that he was half asleep as he was texting me. I texted him back with a good morning. He called just a few minutes later. I love talking to Jon, and we always find a lot of interesting things to talk about. His buddies think it's strange that we can sit on the phone talking for hours at a time. I don't think it's weird. We love one another and enjoy talking. We also learn new things about each other all the time.

The girls are having a fun time getting their characters down for their upcoming novels. Today they worked on the supporting characters. They now have their supporting players and the main characters too. Tomorrow they get to work on the villain's in their stories.

Well, tonight is a short post night. I have another story to get written before it gets too late.


I love you baby. I'm going to get started on the other nightly story. I love you and I want to say thank you for everything today. This mornings conversation was very nice. I'm glad that we talked as openly as we did. It helped me out more than you know. I know you have no idea of my plans for our time together. I will just say that we are going to have a great time.

I miss you love,


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tuesday Oct. 18th, 2011

My sweet husband Jon doing what he loves- computers.
This is another photo taken by one of our girls. It was taken the day that we went to visit my Aunt and Uncle. Jon was scanning old family photos into my uncles computer so I would be able to have copies of them. He spent over an hour making sure I was able to get copies of every photo I wanted. Aunt Diane was awesome toward Jon. She kept saying he was a keeper. And that Jon is a handsome man.

We had fun that day. Jon was able to try tomato dumplings. He liked them pretty well I think. I know the girls all loved them. I have missed having tomato dumplings for a long time. I really loved spending time with my relatives again. Having Jon and our girls there to share that with me was the best feeling. My new family meeting my old family. It was great.

I had hoped that my little brother would be there too but that turned out not to happen. Some day, I hope to be able to catch up with him. I haven't seen him in many years. I miss just being able to talk to him like I used to.

I'm learning there are a lot of things that I missed and still miss now. I never thought how empty my life was without family in it. I always thought that I was content in my life.Yeah boy was I wrong. Sometimes there is nothing better than having someone that knows you being around. I realize now that I missed feeling like I was a part of something. We didn't have a close family growing up. I didn't grow up around my aunt and uncle really. I saw them maybe a dozen times.

Having my new family has shown me how close family should be. I can't imagine my life without Jon, mom, dad, or the girls. They all fill my life full of happiness every day. I can't remember a time when I have laughed so much. I can't remember a time when I have felt happy before.

I can honestly say that I am happy. I don't think I ever have been before meeting this wonderful family. I feel blessed, I feel happy, I feel complete. Oh my goodness, I feel stuffed. We just finished eating dinner. We had pork chops and potato salad. Between eating and these babies, there is no more room left in the stable.


 I love you so very much. Thank you for everything you have helped me to become. You are the light at the end of my tunnel. Some days I wonder how I ever thought I was living before you came into my life. Then I realized I wasn't living, I was just existing. Since we met I am now living the life I always wanted. I'm happy, truly happy love. Life can't get much better than it has these last months.

I want you to know, you are my life. My reason for waking up everyday. You and our kids are my everything. I love you so much love.


Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday Oct. 17th, 2011

Jon and I Deployment Ceremony Day

I love this picture even though it has that dark spot on it. It was taken on his Deployment Ceremony Day. I hated that he was leaving, but I was thrilled to see him again. It had only been two days since I had seen him. I was only about 4 weeks at the time. I looked huge already. I started showing early with this pregnancy. I am so glad that we had the girls taking these pictures. They are learning a little at a time how to take good pictures.

Today has been a little stressful. I had a lot of things to do today. I woke up late after not getting to bed til after four a.m. Less than five minutes after getting out of bed, Jon called me. It was great being able to hear his voice first thing in the morning. Then I had to run to Wal-Mart to pick up razor blades for Jon. Then back to the house I went to get them boxed up with some other things I had to ship him. Next it was off to the post office to get the package mailed off. Then back to the house to pick up negatives to take to Wal-Mart to have them put onto disk.

After that back home to wait two hours for Wal-Mart to get the DVD done. Then back to pick it up. Once back home I had three sets of pictures to go through that we have had taken over the last three months. Going through those was time consuming. I had to make sure that all pictures that I had in 5x7 size, I also had in 8x10 size. Mom gets the 5x7 and Jon and I keep the 8x10's. Then I had to make sure mom and dad both had wallet size of as many of the poses as I had wallets of.

After all of the pictures were taken care of, it was time to get back on my laptop to get things uploaded onto the external. It has been a long day, but everything is pretty much finished at this point. Now I am able to sit and breathe and try to get this post put up. Tomorrow is another long day. Girls school work, and getting as much printed for them as I can. That way they will have plenty to work on while I am on my little vacation.

Then since mom will be taking care of their school work while I'm gone, I will need to sit down with her and go over what I need them working on everyday. Somewhere in the middle of all of that, I need to find time to get my hair cut and colored. I'm going to have my hair short again. I have been putting it off because Jon likes it longer. Now it is just getting to long for me, and well lets face it at thirty seven I have more gray hair than I like. So coloring it is a necessary to do on my list.

It will be a busy day, but one that I am looking forward to. It means that my trip is getting closer. I am getting more excited by the day.

My dearest Jon,

I love you so very much. I can't wait for you to see my new hair color. It will be different than you are used to seeing me in. I know you aren't going to like how short my hair is going to be, but honestly I can't stand the length of it anymore. I hope that it doesn't upset you being that short. I do love you my sweet husband.


Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday Oct. 16th, 2011

Baby Bump

Today was a long yet fun day. We went to Ponderosa for lunch. Afterwards we headed out shopping. I spent about $70 total but it was for things for my trip and some things I needed. Mom and I always have fun going shopping together. The girls had fun too. Lea and Boo were riding around on the electric cart with dad. I had to get after dad for making the girls get rowdy in the store. He thought it was funny. He likes to run people over with them too.

As for me, the highlight was the shopping trip. Of course the backache sucked afterward. It's getting harder to walk very much. The lower back kills when walking or standing for more than just a few minutes. Oh well that goes along with having babies. Love it and I wouldn't give it up for anything in the world.

As much as I hate the way I look when I am pregnant, I do enjoy being pregnant. There is nothing better in the world than feeling your baby moving for the first time. Men should have the ability to be pregnant. Then maybe they could understand just how special that feeling is.

Mom is about like Jon, they both think that pregnant women are beautiful. I think beautiful pregnant women are beautiful. I think average looking pregnant women are still just average. Mom has been enjoying taking belly pics. Jon loves seeing them. Me, well I'm just embarrassed that I am so huge with a ton of stretch marks. I know it goes along with having kids. But I could most certainly do without those horrible looking marks.

But that is a whole other rant. LOL


I know I was quiet again tonight. I had so many things I was trying to get done at once. Downloads, mom's PSP leason lol, working on this blog, and trying to have a somewhat reasonable conversation on the phone. I promise to try to do better at holding a conversation while working on things. I love you so much my love.


Saturday, October 15, 2011

Saturday Oct. 15th, 2011

Well this has been one long day. No internet until just now. It's a long day without it. This post will be short tonight, hopefully the net won't go back out before I can publish the post.

I helped dad close off the front porch today, at least it keeps the wind out. It makes it a little warmer too. We're putting a heater out there to help with warmth too.

Jon has a funny sense of humor. he just took over my laptop as I am sitting here writing this post. All of a sudden my mouse went nuts. LOL Okay baby, I love you but not while I'm writing love. Oh how I can't wait to see you. I miss you so very much my love. I miss that sense of humor.

 Well I am mostly packed. Just a few odd and end things that will have to wait until trip day. Not long now love.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday Oct. 14th, 2011

Baby bump

Today has been a busy day. Plans are coming along nicely for my upcoming trip to Jon. With all the arrangements working out so well, I have finally let myself get excited about the trip. This will be the best four days of my life next to  the days our daughters were born.

Car reservation made, hotel reservation confirmed, train tickets purchased. Now all I have left is to get packing. Well that and a crap load of laundry. I plan on packing being over by Monday except last minute things that I will pack the morning I leave.

I hate letting things go to the last minute. I still have plenty of time to get all the girls school work printed and gone over with grandma. Grandma; she is a life saver. I have no idea what I would do without her. She means so much to me. It's nice having someone here that takes such great care of the girls when I'm not home. I know that their school is in good hands with her.

As for me, well today I realized just how big these babies are making me get. Yeah four days between belly pictures and you can certainly tell the difference. I am going to be as big as a house when this pregnancy gets closer to the end. By the time I get to see Jon, he may very well want to turn around and run the other way with as big as I have gotten. Nah, I'm only teasing I know he will think I still look good (he just got new glasses and is still that blind!).

Today was a busy day for Jon as well. Even so, he still took a few minutes out of his busy schedule to call me. It's things like that, that show someone you care that makes all the difference in the world.

This post would have been earlier this evening had it not been for our internet being down. The company said it was something about one of the fiber optic lines being cut somehow. They said it would be at least six  a.m. before it was fixed. Thank you goodness it is working now.

Jon my sweet love,

Just a short amount of time is left before I will be back in your arms. I am counting the days love. I hope that your day was at least tolerable. I love you so very much sweetheart. If you check out the baby bump pics page, you can see the picture mom took tonight. The difference is pretty darn visible. Those last two belly bump shots are just four little days apart.

I love you,


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thursday Oct. 13th, 2011

Although at times I probably seem like all I do is put the Army down, that isn't what I intend to do at all. I understand the need of the US to have a military. I am proud of the men and women that serve this country. They each do what they do, I give them credit for that. They do something I would never be able to do. I respect that and I admire that.

So though it may seem like I am putting the military down, I am not. I do however disagree with how our government handles our service men and women. Our service people deserve only the best. At most our government offers them substandard. Our equipment is top notch, our troops are trained very well. However how the government treats our troops after they are home is a different story.

Each service member has given a great deal to protect our country. They should without any hesitation be treated so much better than they are for it. Our troops deserve the best medical care for life. They deserve the government that they protect to stand up for them. The government should make sure our troops current and retired have everything they need to continue to live well in the country they defend.

I worry that our troops are coming home with nothing to show for their bravery. I wish there was something we could all do to pitch in and make sure the troops are not coming home to nothing.

I've been thinking about this all day. I ended up more than a little depressed over the situation. So I thought why isn't more being done to help our troops. I'm going to think on this some more and see if I can't come up with some ideas. You never know what one person can figure out to do to help.

Jon my love,

I know I was quiet on the phone today. I have so many things floating around my mind. Tomorrow is a busy day for me too. Today is just a gloomy day. Cold and rainy makes Betty feel blah. It wasn't because of you or what you were doing while on the phone. I know you were working love. It was fine. I just feel down today. I really wish it were summer, at least then I could sit at our spot and feel closer to you. Last night it felt so good to see you on Skype. I miss that, just being able to see you smile. I love you so very much love.I really really do. I can't wait to be back in your arms again.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wednesday Oct. 12th, 2011

What makes a writer? What makes an author? Did you answer those two questions the same way? Most people will say that both are a person that writes. That is yet isn't true. An author most would agree is someone who has had at least one book published. So what the heck does this have to do with this blog?

I have been sitting here tonight trying to work on one of the five books that I have started already. I have interest from a publishing firm on one of the books. Yet that is not the one that I feel motivated to write as of right now. I have no desire to work on my paranormal fantasy books (either of them), I have no desire to work on my romance novel. My novel about domestic violence is coming along fairly nicely. My other book in progress, well that needs inspiration to get anywhere near. That inspiration has been evading me like the plague.

So where does that leave my in progress books? You guessed it, still sitting here on this hard drive. Instead I have been working on blogs. Yes, I did say blogs. I have this blog, another older blog, and a new blog that I just started last night. Not all of my writing is audience friendly though. You will not get a link to the other blog here on this site. The new one isn't kid friendly.

I have been having fun working on it since last night. I have it all nice and pretty, and after I get some more content on the blog I will open it to readers. For now, I want content on there first.

Today I had a great time out shopping. I am trying to get everything set up and in order for my trip. I don't like waiting until the last minute to start getting ready. The girls and I drove to Evansville Indiana to shop. We had a great time and little Boo had her ears pierced.


I almost have everything I had planned on for our up coming visit. I can't wait to see you.  Our time together is going to be memorable to say the least. I love you very much. I hope that you had a decent day. My day was fun. Boo looks so cute.


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tuesday Oct. 11th, 2011

For the last three days I have been sitting back reading the girls' blogs. Each time I sit back to read any of their blogs, I end up in tears. They just have a way of writing that really pulls a reader into the post. Our little Rose (who isn't so little anymore) has a way with words that not many authors have. I'm not the only sappy one around here. Her dad gets all teary eyed, her grandma does.

Lea is getting better at writing as well. I love the fact that she is at least trying her best to post everyday. That is more than I ever thought she would do. I'm just proud that she is at least trying.

My little Boo, is doing really well at learning how to type. This is her first year with using the keyboard on a computer. She's doing good so far except for the whole spelling thing.

Today was one of the rougher days. I spent about an hour and a half at our lake. That lake seems like it has magical powers. I can be in the worst depressed mood ever, go to the lake and in no time at all I am in a better mood. It's beautiful out there, quiet. It's also the first place that Jon and I ever went together. With Jon being gone sitting out at the lake helps me feel a little closer to him. In this time of deployment being close in the small ways are all that we have.

I love just sitting out at the lake or even the park where we first met. I can think back to that time, a time before the Army changed my life. I can think about a short amount of time that Jon and I really got to know one another. In the age of electronics we didn't meet online, we didn't only get to know each other through emails. We really sat and talked to one another face to face.

That is something about really getting to know someone because you have a lot of things in common. We learned from the first night that we have a lot in common. Having that chance to get to know him as well as we did that first few days, that is what made me know that  I really have a deep connection with Jon. We just agree on so many life decisions about quite a few things. It's nice to not always be arguing over the simple things in life anymore.

I have done more than my fair share of arguing for no reason. When you aren't in love with the person you are with, there turns out to be more arguments. Arguments happen when one or the other or both aren't happy in their relationships. Until Jon and I met, I can honestly say, I was not happy. Now days since meeting Jon, I feel happier than I have ever felt.

Now I don't mean that as I have never been in love. I was, ONCE. It wasn't where I was supposed to be, if it had been I would have still been there. That is neither here nor there though. I know without a doubt that this is where I am meant to be. Here with Jon, in his arms and by his side is where I will always be. I love being here with the man that I know for a fact was chosen for me long before I ever met him. In that I have no doubt.


Being with you has made me the happiest woman in the world. There is nowhere in this world that I would rather be. You have touched my life in a way that no one else ever has. You have given me reason to wake up every day. You have given me so much to look forward to.

You have shown the girls what a family is supposed to be. They never had that from anyone but me. You gave us all hope for the future. Hell you gave me my future when you gave us the lives of these twins. I love you so very much.


Monday, October 10, 2011

Monday Oct.10th, 2011

I just bought new maternity tops last week. This week, well they don't fit. I'm getting bigger by the day. Today I went and bought ten new tops. I love the new one I am wearing. It's comfortable, loose and our oldest daughters favorite color. I'm not usually too much into purple, but this top is nice.

The girls and I went shopping together. Guess what they had to keep showing me? Yep, you guessed it. Baby clothes. I kept telling them that, they still kept oohing and aahing over all the cute outfits. We had a blast. When the time comes to start buying things we are going to have so much fun.

Of course that's not including grandma or Aunt Diane and the fun they will be having with twins. If I ever get to actually hold the babies at all that will be awesome. Something tells me that may not happen. There are six other people here that will be constantly wanting to hold them. That doesn't count once Jon gets home too.

Anyway, just a short blog tonight. My hands are tired of me.


I love you. Here is one picture that you asked me to keep sending you. I hope you enjoy it. (I don't LOL) It's in the Photo Gallery. Top Pic.


Sunday Oct. 9th, 2011

Today we (the girls and grandma that is) made a batch of cookies. grandma had plans of making more but she wasn't feeling very well. The girls talked grandma into using two bags of chocolate chips in the cookies. Now I love chocolate as much as the next person, but let me tell you. Those cookies had more chocolate in them than a Hershey bar!The babies and I got three cookies down, before we all three had a sugar rush going on.

Jon had a rough day today. His mood was pretty low when I was able to talk with him shortly before chow. I love talking to him all the time, when he feels like crap though I just want to hold him in my arms until the mood passes him by. It's hard to do from here, my arms aren't that long. All I could do was try my best to make him laugh. So I tried to remind him that I will be coming to visit with him soon. To make him laugh even just a little I told him I was going to have to run him over when I saw him. Not enough to kill him, just injure him a little. That way he can come home to recuperate.

He laughed a little bit. That at least made me feel better. I need to know he is okay, that is the only thing that pulls me through the daily heartache. I still miss him every day. I don't see that ever changing. I miss hearing his voice, seeing his smile, feeling his touch. I miss the way his voice has that southern twang. I miss the way he says some things, "Holy Crap" is one of the little things I miss everyday.

I miss every thing. People often forget to tell the people they love how much they really mean to them. Often times they only think about it when it's too late. Since meeting my love, I try to tell him every day in some small way how very much I love him. My hope is that he can see and feel that the love I tell him I have for him, is not only real but is deeper than I can explain.

Every time that my cell phone rings or my little text message ringtone goes off, my heart jumps into my throat. When he calls me, my phone plays our song; "I Wouldn't Be A Man". That song means the world to me, Jon sings it to me all the time.

Mom made a video of Jon and I together that she used that song in. I love it so much, and I love her for thinking to add that song to the video. It truly means a lot to me.

On another note, our oldest two daughters now have their own blogs. If you want to read them and follow their day to day life while missing their dad, the links to their pages are on the left. A Soldier's Daughter is our middle daughters blog. A Soldier's Rose is our oldest daughters blog. Rose has already put her first post up! She loves to write, expect a lot of posting from her.

Lea from A Soldier's Daughter doesn't enjoy writing much, hopefully she will post to keep her dad up to date.

Tonight was a hard night. Jon is getting depressed again. He has a lot of things going on in his mind. I know it's only been a few months. I'm trying my best to get him to realize that he isn't in this alone anymore.

After a couple hours on the phone he has now gotten in a better mood. He's laughing, talking about our upcoming visit.


I love you. I really enjoyed our conversation tonight. It was interesting, to say the least. I am really excited about the trip now. I know we still have quite a bit of time until then. But it is getting more intense just thinking about our time together. I love you.


Saturday, October 8, 2011

Saturday Oct. 8th, 2011


They make everything electronic now days. Our phones are as small as a credit card, our computers can sit on our laps. Surgeries can be performed with the help of a robot. Cigarettes are now rechargeable!

Our world is reliant on electronics. Is that a complaint? Of course not, I am not a person that has a phobia about electronics. I rely on them as much as the next person. Without computers I couldn't be sitting here rambling on about things that are probably boring to most people.

Without electronics my dear Jon wouldn't be able to read about our every day life while he is away. Without computers our daughters wouldn't have a way to talk to their dad daily. Without computers I would have had to spend a month and a half without seeing my sexy soldier (thank you Skype!)

We do all rely on computers in one way or another every day.

Today, well it was a pretty good day. Weekend is here so no school work. I have spent the day not doing much. I downloaded some games, played them a little. Listened to some tunes that really hit that place in my soul. Found some songs that I had been missing from my collection. Thank you Amazon.
The girls enjoyed a day out in the beautiful sunlight.

Jon spent a long day at work. Which made my day a boring day. I handled it better than I thought I would though. The last two days Jon has been extremely busy, we have talked very little. That's okay though, I haven't been upset about it. It's his job. I guess in a way Jon was right, it helps to prepare for while he is overseas. It still sucks, but it wasn't nearly as hard as it had been the last couple of  weeks. I know he has to do this, there is no way around that at this point.

I am looking forward  to the day that we don't have the military looming over our heads though. It will be nice to finally have Jon to myself and our kids. I can't wait to be able to see Jon with our babies. The way he is with the girls I know that he is a good dad. It will be awesome to watch him with the twins. I know without a doubt he will be a great dad.

When Jon loves someone, he gives them his whole heart. Nothing else gets in his way, his love; his heart; his soul goes into loving you. I have been lucky to have felt that from him since the evening we met. Even then, before either of us uttered those three little words we knew how we felt. I knew from that moment that I wanted to be with Jon. I knew that he wanted to be in my life. I could tell. From that first evening he showed the girls that he cared for them as much as I do.

To have Jon care about the girls that way when he doesn't have to, means the world to me. He knew from the minute  he walked up to me that it would be a package deal. He accepted that, and he enjoyed it. That night we sat and talked as the girls set off their sparklers. He was talking with me and yet paying attention to them as well. It was so wonderful to watch. He paid attention. He stills pays attention. When I say something to him he listens. When he sees something he makes note of it for future use.

I told him once what the girls birth dates are, a couple weeks later I asked him those dates. He remembered.


I love you. Thank you for paying such close attention to every detail. I love that about you. You always pay attention to everything I say and do. I am thankful for that.

Your wife,


Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday Oct. 7th, 2011

Today was one of those long and difficult days for the girls with school. They all aced their spelling pre-tests. So none have to take the test on Monday!. That part was great. Math on the other hand gave each of them problems today. The older two especially. Little monkey boo, at least her problems were simple to correct.

What was funny as hell though, was that their grandpa was trying to help too. Bad part was, the teacher (me) had to keep correcting his mistakes too! LOL That was hilarious. Once we moved on to pre-algebra the girls did an awesome job, so did grandpa.

History was simple. Science was ok. Monday they begin their class for the NaNoWriMo. They get to learn what makes it easier, and what to avoid when writing a novel. I wish someone had taught me all that before I began to write. Would have made things much simpler to know that.

Our oldest daughter is working on her typing class as we speak (or as I type) LOL. The other two are working with grandma on their ability to find things that are hidden. Got to love hidden object games.
Their Spanish class is a chore for all of us. A teacher that is teaching something that she herself has no idea on whatsoever. We have plenty of Spanish worksheets, but that doesn't help with the correct pronunciation of the words. Thankfully Rosetta Stone is better than this teacher.

My dear Jon has had a very busy day today, and has only been able to call for about two minutes once today. That sucks, but I am making it through it okay. I haven't been feeling well today. I woke up this morning with my lower back hurting badly. Throughout the day it has lessened. In its place is a terrible headache, and the babies have found my nausea button again. Just when you think they had decided to leave it alone, BAM! It hits you all over again.

On the plus side of today, it was b-e-a-u-tiful day! Over 80 degrees, we had our classes outside again, it was perfect. I love doing school outside when we can. There is something about the fresh air, sunlight, and sound of nature that just relaxes you. The girls were patient with their lessons which was nice.

Jon my love,

I hope that your day wasn't too long and boring. Hopefully you were able to enjoy at least something about today. The girls told me to tell you; they wish you were here to help with Science. They know you would make blowing something up one of their lessons. LOL

I love you my sweet love,


Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thursday Oct. 6th, 2011

Our angels. Such wonderful girls. Before you say it, I know all parents think their kids are the best. We are supposed to think that way as parents. In this case it is true. They are very well behaved, I have gotten comments about how well they act since they were very small, even coming from strangers. They are respective of others, and for sisters they don't fight that often amongst themselves. They help around the house without complaining. They keep themselves occupied most of the time.  Honestly, I have been very blessed when it comes to the girls.

Today was a teacher work day for us, so the girls didn't have school. Instead they played outside in the nice weather we have been having. They also helped mom out with getting their school papers all printed out and filed away for the time that I will be away. We also signed the girls up on NaNoWriMo. For those of you asking what the heck that is, let me explain.

NaNoWriMo is a writing project. You spend thirty days writing a novel, from start to finish. That has to include your cover for the book. You set a word count goal for kids under 17. For adults, your word count goal is preset at 50,000 words. Today I set the girls goal at 25,000. The program starts on November the 1st and runs through November 30th. Around the 25th of November they will copy what they have into an app on the website and see what their total word count is. If they have met their goal, they win. Their book will get printed so that the children have a print copy of their book.

Once the contest is over, I will be making them each their own blog to post what they want of their novel onto. I can't wait to see what each of their stories will be about. For myself, I won't be joining the program. I have enough books that I have started and not gotten finished yet. So for me, my plan is to do my best to finish one of my books during that time frame right along with the girls.

Maybe, just maybe I can complete one of my books. It would be a load off my mind to finally get one sent off to publishers. For me though I will get a late start with the program. It starts the 1st, I won't be able to start until the 6th. Which is fine with me; because I already have a beginning for my book. I have the character sheets made out, I know what I want in the book. All I need to do is get it down, and fluff it up. The "fluff" as I like to call it, has always been the hardest part for me. I can get a story idea and how I want the book to go with no problems, its all the "fluff" that makes a story a book that I have trouble with the most.

I have five books in progress, none of them any where near completion. I like to dabble in different types of books. I have a romance book, two paranormal fantasy books, a book on domestic violence, and one other book. The one other is a new book I just started in June. I was able to get about 20,000 words into the book before stopping on it. I had so many things going on that keeping up my writing wasn't a priority. Now my writing has to take a front burner, it has moved into a very high priority.


Our girls are doing well. They send their love to you. Rose is excited to start her novel next month. Curly is not so excited, but she agreed to do it anyway. Boo says your monkey loves you very much.
I love you my sweet.

Your wife,

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wednesday Oct. 5th, 2011

This gorgeous smiling man in this photo, is my wonderful husband and loving soldier Jon. He is an amazing man. Not only does he serve this country, he works very hard to make sure that his family has every thing we need. He is always concerned with making sure we are all happy, entertained, and above all else taken care of.

He has become such a huge part of our lives. Jon has shown that he loves our girls in every way that a dad is supposed to love his kids. He asks about them every day, wanting to know how they are doing with school and what they are up to when he calls. When he left here to head to his training he kept asking how the girls were handling him leaving. He worries daily about how they are dealing with him being gone. He has made a wonderful dad to these girls. They sure love him! They ask about him every day, wanting to know how he is doing and if he is still in a safe place.

Jon has brightened my life in so many ways. Never in my life have I been so happy and content. I know without any doubt, with Jon is where I am meant to be. Jon knows he wasn't my first love, he knows he wasn't the first man I was with (obviously). What I know; is that he is meant to be my last everything. I will forever be Mrs. Jonathan Johnson, I couldn't be more ecstatic. I love Jon with every breath I take.

Having Jon encouraging me to continue my writing certainly makes me overcome with emotions. No one in my life has ever been behind me in anything I have done. Jon stands tall next to me through everything. It is an awesome feeling to know he loves me so much.

The end of the month is coming soon. Most of the time I don't look forward to the Halloween holiday. This year is so different, I have so many things to look forward to. My trip to spend time with Jon, the upcoming birth of our babies, learning more about their personalities, and Jon's homecoming! This is a year of changes that I can't wait to experience.

Each day that brings us closer to Jon's deployment, is also a day closer to his homecoming.

Jon my love,

Blessing ----  the act or words of a person who blesses

 You are a blessing my love. Every day spent loving you and being loved by you is a blessing that I am very thankful for. My life has been so much brighter since you walked up to me and started talking. I am thankful that you weren't so shy that afternoon. Things have been a very quick roller coaster haven't they? One day up and the next, making us wonder what would be next.

Things have been happening so fast, we have a lot going on. Deployment and babies. Wow, we have a full life ahead of us. I can't wait for every day of it either. We will make it through it all as long as we do it together. 

I love you,


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tuesday Oct. 4th, 2011

Our loving little bundles of joy got off the throw-up button, now have found the hunger and potty buttons. Between running to the restroom every fifteen minutes and eating everything in sight, my days are full of babies!

Dinner tonight was a sight no one needed to witness. I ate a pound of sausage, two eggs, a biscuit, sausage gravy, two slices of bacon. Yes, I was hungry. I never get hungry, before babies I ate every two or three days. Now days it seems like that's all I do is eat. That's not a complaint at all, I'm happy to eat and gain weight as long as that means the babies will be healthy.

A few years ago, I was pretty over-weight. I weighed in at just over 200 pounds. I finally started getting a little self esteem back and started walking every day. I walked between five and ten miles a day. I lost 97 pounds in two years. I worked my butt off. I have never been happier with myself than I have been since losing that weight.

I feel better (most days) health wise and mentally as well. You don't realize just how badly you feel when you are carrying so much extra weight. My doctor wants me to gain 50 to 60 pounds. I am not sure about the amount he wants but I have no problem gaining 20 or 25 pounds. If I have to gain 50 or more, that just means a lot of walking after they are born.

The twins will be born via c-section. During the operation they will also be doing a procedure to prevent further pregnancies. Which will make walking a little more uncomfortable for the first few weeks.

On another note, I am starting my book back up tonight. I have five books in the works, and have put off working on them for months now. It's time that I get back in the swing of things. Which means a strict working environment and strict schedule of 5,000 words or more per day. My books need to be about 75,000 words when they hit the publishers hands. That way during editing things can be cut that need to be.

I'm working on getting one book ( a short story) printed soon. I can't wait to see my name in print on a book! I am so excited about that.


Thank you for standing next to me when it comes to my writing. You fill me with encouraging words that are just what I needed to begin my work again. Thank you for your patience with me as I work on my blog posts while we sat and talked tonight. I know it is annoying when the person you are trying to talk to is paying attention to something else. I'm sorry I wasn't trying to ignore you at all. When the mood hits me to write I have found that I have to do so right then or I won't do it at all.

I love you and appreciate your understanding.


Monday, October 3, 2011

Monday Oct. 3rd, 2011


Okay, yes I feel better now. Today has been one of those days I hate. It's been busy since I woke up. It was good that it was so hectic though. First thing this morning my doctors office called. I had an appointment scheduled with the new high risk doctor at 11:30 am. The old doctors nurse forgot to call me on Friday to tell me. Jump in the shower be ready to leave in fifteen minutes. Hop in the van, drive forty five minutes to get to the new doctors office right on time.

On that note; everything is fine with the babies. He revised my due date. I am due May 28th now. He decided to do that based on the development of the twins. That made me exactly six weeks today. For six weeks I look like six months! Yeah, I am going to be HUGE by the time this pregnancy ends.

My mind is going a hundred miles a second with preparations for the trip. So much to get accomplished, so many things on my mind at once. I have never been away from the girls this long. Twelve days away from my little angels. That's a long time when I have never spent more than two days away from them, and that was only once. Yeah it is a whole new and scary concept for me. So many things could go wrong. Don't get that wrong, I trust that mom and dad will be here with them. I know they won't let anything happen to the girls.

Still that doesn't make the idea of leaving them any easier. At the same time though, I want to spend this time with Jon. He could make the trip home, but that would take away from the time that we would have together. Really I don't want to put the girls through the whole having to say goodbye part again. It's going to be hell enough on me, they don't need to go through it again. Plus, mom is dealing with him being gone as well as she can. I would hate to see her have to go through it again. Dad has been dealing with depression since Jon left.

For the most part the girls are handling it fine. They too have their days though. Mostly I stay in my room and try not to think about anything to do with the Guard. I do my best to keep my mind busy with something.

Jon my love,

I'm sorry I was distant tonight. There are just so many things swimming around in my mind. From deployment issues, to babies, to traveling. There are so many things that I want to be able to say and do with you.There never seems to be enough time for any of it. We are always hurrying to get something done before you have to leave. Some day we will have time to just be us with no hurrying.
Until then, just know that you are what makes my world complete. I love you my sweet husband.


Sunday Oct 2nd, 2011

Sorry for the late post tonight. I have spent the entire evening on Skype. I have been having the best time being able to see Jon the last few days. Starting tomorrow I won't be able to even Skype with him as he will be spending 14 to 16 hours in drills. So I have been trying to spend as much time with him as I can.

Anxiousness is setting in.The trip is coming soon (not soon enough) my time with Jon is fast approaching. Although it will never get here soon enough for me. Deployment day also is getting here too fast.That scares me more every day, the last few days I have been able to let some of that worry subside somewhat.

Don't take that wrong, he is still going to be in a very dangerous place. His life is still going to be on the line. I worry all the time that he may not be able to come home to see his babies. That is a hard pill to swallow. What would I ever tell the twins? I don't know.

I'm trying my best not to dwell on the down side of this war. I try my best to remember that this is his job. He is just heading off to work. That works some days yet not others. Yesterday and today it worked somewhat.

I guess I will always worry until the day he is home. It has to get better sometime right? Hopefully it will. I look for worse before then though. I guess you could say I always look for the worst, at least if I look for it I can somewhat prepare myself for it just in case. then if the worst doesn't happen well, I worried for nothing.


I love you with all my soul. You are my husband. The man I fell in love with and the one I will spend the rest of my life loving. My life is so much fuller for having met you. I am so lucky that you fell in love with me. I never forget that.

I love you,


Saturday, October 1, 2011

Saturday Oct.1st, 2011

Hello friends!

Last night turned out to be a pretty darn good night. I was able to talk to Jon. Not only talk to him though, I got to see him on Skype! Skype is my new best friend. It's not as good as him being home, but it sure as heck beats not being able to see him at all.

Somehow, just that time of being able to reconnect with Jon made all the difference in the world. Today has been a pretty awesome day. It's cold (which I hate) but even that wasn't enough to make my mood falter. I am in love with the best man in the world! He knew I was having a tough time dealing with this whole deployment, so he took the time out of everything he has going on, to spend time with me on Skype.

It was amazing. Our girls got to see their dad and talk to him for a few minutes. Our family is content once again. It may not seem like much to some of you. But when you are missing the part of your family that holds you together; it is a huge deal.

Tonight's post is going to be a short one. I have so much to do. And I am waiting for Jon to call, or video call.


My dear sweet Jon. Trying to come up with enough words to explain what last night meant to me is difficult. There really isn't enough words to describe how wonderful it made me feel to be able to see you. I have known I was blessed from the night we met, but last night showed me that much more how much you truly care. Thank you for making my night easier.

I love you,