Sunday, January 8, 2012

Jan. 8th, 2012---It's Official

I am in LOVE with Splat! My new hair color is a brand called Splat, it is their raspberry color! It is THE most awesome color I have ever had! My mother-in-law did the bleaching and coloring of my hair. She did an awesome job. We had to leave the bleach on for so long, that my scalp is very tender. But the color it turned out after coloring it, is well worth the misery of the bleaching.

I hope and pray that Jon likes it when he is able to see the pics we took. He got to see me as a blonde, I hated the blonde. I am not meant to ever have blonde hair. That's okay with me because I am totally loving this red!

It has a bit of a pink/red to it. People around our town look at me very strangely now. I don't care, because this is how I wanted it. I have always wanted Reba Red. Well, I have too dark of natural hair to get that shade of red. That's okay though, this is perfect!

Here's a picture of my red:

Thank you mom for helping me get this color! I LOVE it!


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