Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tues. Jan 10th, 2012

Well here it is almost Wednesday already. Where has this week gone? Most of it has seemed to be flying by, until this evening that is. This evening has been a really slow night. What have I done interesting lately? Not much.

Today mom colored Faith's hair red! She has such beautiful hair. It's long and RED now. Who knew it would take 3 or more boxes of coloring to do her hair? It needed four boxes to get the right shade of red all over it. Wal-Mart ran out of the color the other night when we picked up my two boxes. So now we must wait for them to get it back again. Then we redo her hair.

She has red hair, mine is a red/pink. I love it. She got a little upset with me today because her hair isn't as light as she wanted it. I refuse to bleach hers for fear of it damaging her hair. I love Faith Rose's hair and I would hate to see it damaged at all. We'll see though, I know she wants brighter red. It's not easy to get when you have such dark hair to begin with.

That's all for tonight, I have to get to bed at a decent time tonight.


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