Sunday, July 24, 2011

Love In the Last Place Expected

July 4th was just another day of mom and daughters time. We woke up and decided to spend the day at the local park. After getting the cooler filled up for the days activities we headed out. Once we arrived at the park we played four square for a while. While playing ball, we saw a few people getting ready to open the concession stands for the nights firework display.

We have this guy in town that walks all over town collecting aluminum cans. His name is Can-Man, also known as Jack. He is a really nice guy, although it is hard to understand what he says most of the time. Anyway Can-man, myself and my girls were sitting talking. It must have been a couple of hours just sitting there talking, when this nice guy came over and began talking to Can-Man.

The three of us talked a little bit before the conversation started turning more toward me and this guy talking to one another. I found out his name was Jonathan. It was so strange, we liked a lot of the same things. It turned out his dad was running one of the concession stands that night. Jonathan was helping his dad. Before the fireworks began his dad called him back to the stand to help.

For some strange reason I felt like a high school girl all over again. As he was working, I kept stealing looks that way to see what he was doing. As the fireworks began, Jonathan came back to the grandstand to watch them. We stood there talking between the oohing and ahhing. It was weird that we were able to hold a conversation together while watching the show and talking with the girls.

When the firework display ended we stood there talking until the grandstand cleared of people. I had gotten the girls some sparklers, so we went under the grandstand to let them set those off. Jonathan stood right there with us helping me light them for the girls.

As the night grew later, we talked about so many things. I do believe that is the night I knew I wanted to see him again. His dad finished cleaning up the stand and was ready to go home. He called Jonathan and told him to get to the truck. Jonathan gave me his number and told me to call sometime. I entered his number into my cell.

After I got the girls home I tried to text him. No answer, well maybe he went to bed already. Since he had also given me his email address and his Facebook name, I went to leave him a message. Well, I couldn't pull him up on Facebook by his name, thank you God he had given me the email address. I sent off an email telling him if he wanted to see the lake to let me know, I  would love to show it to him.  I also told him he could call or text me anytime.

A bit later he sent me a message back on Facebook saying he didn't have my cell number. I sent a message back with that info in it. He texted me pretty quickly. We set up a time for the next afternoon to hook up to go to the lake. I didn't get a lot of sleep that night. I sat up thinking how nice it had been talking with Jon. It was nice to have so many things in common with someone I had only just met.

So the next afternoon I stopped at Jon's house to pick him up. He climbed into the van with this massive smile on his face. What a difference 24 hours had made in my life. I never dreamed that taking my kids to the park could turn out so well for me.

We spent about four hours at the park talking and getting to know each other better. Before we left to take him home, we made plans for him to come to my house late that night. It turned out to be the best 24 hours in my life to that point. The next morning he asked the girls and I to come back to his place for breakfast, we did. Wow a man that can cook! I loved it, the girls seemed to like him a lot too. That made all the difference to me.

Several days later he asked me to move in with him. Some may think it was way too soon, but for me it felt as though I had known him my whole life. I talked to the girls before deciding on an answer. They were very happy with the idea. So, I told Jon I had decided to take him up on the offer. A day or two later, he got his deployment orders. Three days to be ready for him to leave, then he is gone for three weeks.

I've never been so happy in my life as I have been since he and I met. He has two years left in the Guard.

My life is changing in so many ways! I'm excited, the girls are happy, and Jon has a new family. We joke all the time that he is stuck with us now. He always says he wouldn't want to be stuck with anyone else. God I love that man.

I'll keep this blog up through the road of life. As life turns and moves forward, I will post here our new lives together. I can't wait to see what each new day holds for us!

My dear Jon,

I love you with every breath I take. I cherish each moment that we spend together. I look forward to our new lives together. Be safe my love, and please hurry home.


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