Wednesday, September 28, 2011

OMG What News!

Just Found out this evening!

That's right! Jon and I are the Proud expectant parents of twins! I just about fell out of the van when my doctor called and told me that there are two little bundles on the way. She then said that baby 1 and baby 2 are both in the same sack. Which for those of you that don't know what it means, the babies are going to be identical!

It is still too soon to tell if they are going to be boys or if they will fill our house with two more daughters. Either way is fine with me. I love the girls we have so much, two more would only be a bigger blessing. If by some miracle we are blessed with two sons, my heart will finally be filled. I have always wanted a son. Two would complete my family.

Three months ago I would have laughed at anyone that would have said to me; in three months you will be in love, engaged,married, and expecting twins. I would have laughed myself silly. It's funny how when you aren't looking for the right relationship, it just finds you. Before meeting Jon I thought I knew what true love was supposed to be like. Jon showed me that everything I had thought love to be, well I was so wrong. Love lifts you up. Not only in life but in your heart.

Jon has lifted my heart so high that I'm not even sure it is still in my chest at times. We weren't looking for love, we certainly weren't looking for a family larger than we had at the time. We definitely weren't looking to expand our family. I believe someone a lot higher than me, decided it was the right time with the right man.


I love you so very much. Twins, you really do things better than most. LOL Thank you my sweet love for blessing me in all the ways you do. I can't seem to stop smiling now. Life is good.

I love you,



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