Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tuesday Sept. 27th, 2011

Busy, busy day today. My morning started out on just 4 1/2 hours sleep. Then it was internet searching for the best possible way to go from my home state of Illinois to my old state. Who would have known, when you are scared to fly the next best form of transportation is Amtrak.

Being afraid to death of heights, and very claustrophobic makes flying pretty much out of the question. Add in the fact of baby on board, not being able to take anything to help relax on a flight. Baby, means no drinking to help either. So, feet will be planted somewhat safely on ground even if that ground will be moving.

Even with my phobias if it came down to flying being my only option; I would hop on that plane so fast they would think I was attempting to fly it myself. Yes, if you want to know I am very excited to get to see my soldier before he leaves on his tour of Afghanistan.

Besides looking into the cheapest route of transport and trying to tie up some loose ends here, I have been a busy little rabbit today. School for the girls got a late start this year with trying to let them have as much dad time as possible before he left. So today we began getting all of their things ready for a super long school day tomorrow.

I have two that have decided they are ready to try "regular" public school next year. So that means  making sure that we work overtime this year on their readiness for that. Our loving little monkey still prefers to stay home for the time being. I am happy to hear that, as having all three away all day five days a week next year would be heart breaking for me. They have been with me since the day they were born. I will miss having them all home, but I know that it is time to let them spread their wings somewhat so to speak.

Thankfully, grandma is here to take over their classes while I make my trip to see Jon. I have a lot of preparation ahead of me to make sure she has everything she will need during those almost two weeks I will be gone. I know they will be in great hands so I don't have that worry on my mind while away. Mom is a blessing to me and these girls. She has been right there since Jon had to leave, making sure that we are all okay even when she felt her world crashing around her at the time.

I know I will be leaning to mom to help me through this next year, and I hope that I am able to help her through it in return. It's not going to be easy on any of us while Jon is serving our country. With each others help we will survive though.

This trip to Texas to see Jon is keeping me focused on what needs to be done before I can travel. It keeps my mind off of the fact that he isn't here with me. I have so much to get accomplished before leaving. The travel arrangements, hotel, car rental, making sure the girls and mom and dad have everything they may need here; is a lot to focus on. That's okay, it's what I need right now.

My dear love,

being back in your arms next month is what I am happily thinking about everyday. I can't wait to feel your arms wrapped around me again. The look on your face when you see just how big our baby bump is getting will be priceless. Four wonderful days and nights of feeling your heart beat, of feeling your breath against my skin; is a slice of heaven I can't explain.

I look forward to just having your arms around me as we sit and talk. I miss our talks more than you can imagine. I love you my love



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