Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wednesday Sept. 28th, 2011

As I was sitting here this evening trying to figure out what would become this blog post, I realized I have too many things on my mind at once. There's the whole I'm in a new relationship part. There's the whole OMG we are getting married part. Then still there is the, he is heading to Afghanistan part. Of course you can't forget to throw in the whole, "we're having a baby; no wait TWO babies" part.

Then there is still that whole part of; two new babies whose daddy won't be able to be here to welcome them home with me. Therein lies my problem; too many parts all scattered every where. So as I sat down here with the laptop I realized I had no idea what to fill the screen with. There is no longer any room in what brain I had to put any more parts.

So I sat here for well over an hour; just staring at this screen. What do you find to fill a page when your mind can't sit still on any one part of your life for long? One can only complain about the government so many times. One can only discuss her fears or concerns so much. Day to day boring life chores are nothing to write about when there are so many pressing things out in this world.

It's hard to put yourself into someones shoes when you live there daily.

So, today I thought I would take just a few minutes to talk about preparing for leave with your soldier.
Now mind you this has just been my experience so far.

When you first find out that your soldier will be getting x amount of days leave before deploying overseas; stop take a deep breath. Something I have found useful, write all details your soldier gives you in pencil. With the military, things are subject to change daily. Now if you are like me in any way and are afraid of heights;flying; or any number of other phobias, you will want to do some major checking into the best way to get to your soldier.

For me, I found that a train will be the best way. It's relatively cheap, I can get up and move around (important with being pregnant), someone else gets to drive, I can sleep. The downside to the train ride is a 23 hour drive by car turns into a 48 hour train ride. Again, I can deal with that based on the positive things listed a moment ago. Prepare early, it will be one of the hardest things you do. It is never easy to say goodbye. It is made even harder when you don't know if you will ever get the chance to say welcome home.

On a more positive note, the leave. After deciding on travel methods, you will want to do research into hotels. Trust me online you can find a lot of things about most hotels. Read those reviews other guests have left after their stays there. Yet another part, rental cars while your soldier is on leave. If you are going to take some other form of transportation down, you will need a car at some point. Don't wait until leave day, you may find that there are no rentals available.

Now at this point, those are the things that have been keeping my mind occupied the last few days. It makes the days go by a little easier when I have other things to think about. I find it difficult to sit with nothing to take my mind off of Jon being gone.

I went today to check on photos we had taken before he left. They are not in yet.  Hopefully they will be in soon. I can't wait to see my hero in 10x13 size. Oh that is another thing, take lots of pictures. If you have young kids get them disposable cameras. Let them take plenty of pictures of their deploying mom dad what have you. It helps them to deal with the deployment.

Jon's mom took video before Jon left of him talking to my belly. It was sweet, and broke my heart at the same time. Looking back now, it means even more to me since finding out the baby has turned into babies. We had no idea we were having twins when the video was taken. But to be able to watch Jon telling our "baby" that he loves him or her was so special.

We won't have a lot of that. That video is one I will Cherish forever. We are happily trying to come up with names for baby girls now. We have decided on names if the babies turn out to be boys.

Jonathan Jr. (of course, I had to go there!)
Justin Lawrence (Lawrence after Jon's dad)

Girls names are being a bit more difficult. We have three daughters already. So names for girls are making us really have to think. Some that I have thrown out for Jon's opinion are:

Cherish Faith
Charity Dawn

I also love the following names:

Cherish Hope
Heaven Leann
Cherish Destiny
Destiny Grace

I like the more non-normal names. Ones you may hear from time to time, but not often. The names Cherish and Faith I really love. I cherish the time I have with Jon, I cherish these babies. I have Faith that someone had a hand in this relationship from the beginning. I know without a doubt that Jon is my Destiny, he has shown me what Heaven is.

Okay, call me a romantic nut. Maybe I am, after all I am the woman that goes to the local park and sits on the bleachers just to think back to the night I met Jon. I am a sentimental romantic. Those little things mean everything to me.

Dearest Jon,

We will eventually come up with two beautiful names for our babies if we are blessed with daughters. Whatever we decide on, I know they will be perfect for our daughters. Thank you my love for helping me through this long road of life. You make each day worth walking through. Together we will pave the road for all of our children. Thank you love for blessing me with this family we have created together. We are so very blessed.

I love you,

Your wife


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