Saturday, November 19, 2011

Saturday Nov. 19th, 2011

Well today I began working on a new book. Yes! Another book. I know what you are thinking, why another new book? Why don't you just take one of the five or so that you have already got started and actually finish one of them? Well there in lies my problem. I wasn't in the mood to work on one of those books. LOL

Yes I know I am insane. It's okay so is my family!

This new book is going better than most of the other five did. I have only been working on the book for about four hours. Now out of that four hours you have to take away the times that I went out to smoke. You also have to take into account that during that time I was also installing a new Hallmark card program that took thirty five minutes. then there was about another half an hour that I went to the front of the house to talk with Mom and the girls.

So out of four hours they may have been about two and a half of actual writing time. With that all being said, I have 4,171 words written! I am enjoying writing this book. It's funny because I was just browsing online when I decided that I had a story to tell and began writing it.

So I am cutting this blog short tonight so that I can keep my mind on the book. I don't want to get the words from the book confused with this blog tonight.



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