Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sunday Nov. 13th, 2011

Tonight is a short night because I have a few things to get finished before trying to get some sleep.

As much as what this last week has been difficult, today for the most part wasn't too bad. My stomach pain is finally starting to subside somewhat anyway. The tears were still there albeit not nearly as severe. Now it is raining which makes for a long night. I can never sleep when it storms and it sounds as though we may get some minor ones tonight.

I've been busy working on finding the perfect gifts for our girls for Christmas. Jon is so excited! The girls are going to have the best Christmas they have ever had. I look forward to seeing their faces when they see what their dad has in store for them.

I have other writing to do tonight so I need to keep this short.


I love you sweetheart, stay safe. Everyday that you are away from us here at home, please remember that our hearts are with you always. We look forward to seeing you safely home. I love you with all of my heart.

Your wife,


Boo Johnson said...

I love you so much and I really want to know what dad is going to get us tall me now jk I love you mom I am glad that your stomec is finely not hurting I love you every day that I live I love you mom get to bed some time to night LOL

Faith Rose said...

I love you, blogging tomorrow night, I made some tags tonight I cant wait to share

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