Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wednesday Nov. 16th, 2011

There are some people in this world that were given a gift. They are able to see things that most people don't have the ability to see. Some would call that a gift, I used to think it was too. There are times when you see awful things that you don't want to be able to see.

I've known two people in my life that have had this ability. One is a very dear friend of mine. She is awesome with her ability, she even works with her local law enforcement to help solve cases of missing people. The other person I know pretty well also. She has never worked with law enforcement and she doesn't let many people know of her ability.

For the most part she tries her best to not use that ability at all. For her, the fact that she tries to ignore the gift seems to work for the most part. Although there are times when she will see something that hits too close to home for her.

I've always wondered how these gifted people deal with seeing something that affects their lives. If for example they see something that has to do with a loved one, how do they cope? Do they tell the person that it is going to affect? What do you tell them? What if they have seen their loved one die? Do you question how true your interpretation is? Do you hold back the information in hopes that you are seeing things wrong?

I know not everyone believes in things such as this. I however do, I've seen for myself how accurate some of the things these people see really is. I think in part though it depends on how well they are able to figure out what they are being shown. I would be scared to death to share something if I wasn't sure without a doubt that I was able to understand what I saw.

When these people do share with others what they have seen, do they tell them they might very well be wrong in how they saw it? Do they go into detail about what they saw exactly? Is there really anything that could be done to prevent whatever they saw from happening?

From what I have learned about this type of thing over the years, not everyone has learned to decipher the images they see correctly. There are those that have learned very well how to figure out the images and their meanings.

So if you as a person that can see things, and you see something about your loved one do you tell that loved one? If you do tell them, how much do you tell them? How do you cope if you have been shown how that person is going to die and when it will happen?

I know for me, if that were the case I would shut down. I wouldn't want to talk to anyone, all I would do is sit around bawling my eyes out.

Another thing is, how do you explain why you can see some things and yet not see other things? How can you see things that affect one loved one yet not another loved one?

I know I will be getting a lot of email telling me I'm crazy for believing in any of this type of thing. That's okay I have been called crazy for years. At this point in my life I know I am crazy, I've had a lot of things that have happened to me over the years that have made me that way.

My recent troubles with my life and things that have gone on have led me to question things such as this post. How can someone see the death of one loved one yet not the death of another loved one? If you can see it, can it be prevented if it hasn't happened yet?


Boo Johnson said...

Mom you are not crazy I might be though I see ghosts I am crazy I have see them sens I was little but we do not have one here I can fill wen there is one but there is not in this house I love you mom some peps think I am crazy tough I know they well think that wen I get older a have a boy friend he well think I am crazy oles he sees them to I do not know why god made me see them but I just can it is me I love you mom I had to comment on you wen I seen your blog I am so happy I am going to get my book printed I was so happy wen Faith told me that I have 5,437 pages I am so happy I love you mom I am going to lot Faith on so she can do her book and get on pogo thank you for you going to let me get on pogo in June or some thing like that I love you mom hope you are not hearing to night and if you are ales not tomorrow.

Faith Rose said...

You are not crazy, I believe god gives us all a gift, We all have that sense to see, hear, or dream, some of us just tune it out. I love you and I know you are gifted in many things, you are amazing.

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