Monday, December 12, 2011

Facebook and My Love Wedding

December 12th, 2011

I don't ordinarily post links here to Websites around the internet. However today is an exception. I Love Facebook for many reasons, one being that is how I kept in contact with Jon when we first started seeing each other.

I had the pleasure of "Liking" a wonderful Page called "My Love Wedding Ring". They have some of the most gorgeous jewelry I have ever laid eyes on. They have a Holiday Sweepstakes going on right now. Twelve days of Christmas. I entered the Contest hoping to win matching Wedding bands for Jon and I. That part of the contest you were to enter what you would have inscribed inside each band.

The inscriptions that I came up with were as follows:

For his band: Two hearts intertwined
For my band: Will forever beat as one

The voting for those entries is still on going so if you want to help a couple out that is just starting out you can go vote for Jon and I by clicking on this link:

Now besides the fact that they have stunning jewelry I have one other reason for loving them as much as I do. They made me a winner of one of their gorgeous rings! I was the winner on Day 4 of the giveaway. This is the stunning ring I won and it came in the mail today!

That is a stunning Amethyst and diamond ring! That small gold band you see there? That is my amazing engagement ring that Jon let me help pick out. I asked for something small and tasteful. Nothing to big as I am always afraid that I will lose it or worse it would be stolen. I am so very proud to be wearing my engagement ring.

Marrying my true best friend and love of my life is a privilege that I will never forget. I am so very lucky and blessed to be able to marry my soul mate.

Jon my love,

I will never forget the evening we talked about getting married. I was so thrilled. When you came back home after your training and we went in search of the perfect ring, I was excited. The night you asked me to marry you is a night I will treasure for the rest of my life. The day we are able to say I do, will be the greatest day of my life.

I know without any doubt that I am so privileged to be able to marry my best friend, the man of my dreams. I look forward to you getting home so that we can finally say in front of God and anyone there, that our hearts will forever beat as one.

I love you my sweet love
Until later love


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