Friday, December 23, 2011

A Poem From my Daughter Rose 12-23-11

This poem was written by Jon and I's 14 year old daughter. I have always told her that she has an "old" soul. She knows and understands life much better than most adults do. She has lived the life of an 80 year old in her short life.

Here is part of her views:

America we stand

America we stand America we breathe America all I feel and all I see.
The sky so blue the grass so green America we are free.

The day so blue when your not here The night so lonely and filled with tears.
I know you are, fighting for our country, miss America, we are here.

The song so loud the water so clear I wish that you could be near.
Today we wait worlds apart as the war goes on I can imagine your fear.

The flag so tall the bell so gold What you hold deep inside is very sad and very bold.
Our American soldiers, our hero's at war, our mothers and daughters, our fathers and son's.

Tonight the stars are very dim the dogs howl with pride and I wish I was by your side.
Tomorrow I will wake, and hope for your sake the war we all fight, deep inside will be small left over movements, from this big earthquake.

The moment I see you standing so proud in front of me on American ground I will bow and smile and say, Our great American your home to stay.

                              America we stand.    ~Faith Rose~
She is an awesome writer! I love reading everything she writes. If you want to follow her blog, her link is on the left; A Soldier's Rose. She would love to hear from others what they think of her writing. Keep it positive please, she is only 14.

As for me I'll be back on Monday December 26th with an updated blog. I'm going to try my best to enjoy the next two days with my family. Merry Christmas to you all and may your holiday be a safe one.


Christmas is here baby. It's hard to believe that I will be spending it without you this year. I know that you are overseas, but at times it feels like you are right here with me. I hope that you are right here with me the next couple of days. I'm going to need your strength to pull me through this holiday. Remember you have my heart right there next to you every moment you are there. I love you baby, stay safe my love

Until later love,

Your wife


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