Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tuesday Dec. 20th, 2011

Christmas is almost here! Okay, really it is here. Last minute things to take care of. Jon and I can't wait to see the looks on our girls faces. That to me is huge part of Christmas. It is about seeing the look in your children's eyes, about family and being together. Our family is a little spread out this year, but our hearts are still very close together.

As we work to get past this holiday, our hearts here at home are trying to not let our sadness rule our holiday. Jon doesn't want us to let our missing him to cast a shadow on the girls day. Some where in the back of an army duffel bag, I will pull out my happy face and get through this.

On the up side, the girls and I are going to spend Christmas Eve with my Aunt and Uncle. Hopefully my little brother will also show up as he said he would. I so hope that he does, I have yet to meet my nephew. It's going to seem so strange going to visit with them as last time we were there, Jon was with us. It felt so perfect having Jon at my family's home. This time he can't be there although he sure wishes he could be. He has been looking forward to meeting my little brother.

There will be lots of photos taken, and maybe a video or two. I want for it to be as if Jon were right there as we all remember why we have this freedom to enjoy the holidays as family.

Well, I have more work to get done before Christmas morning. Who knew it would take so much prep work? Where is Calgon when you want it?

My dear Love,

My heart aches for the day you will return to us. Each day feels an eternity. I promise to make Christmas a day the girls will enjoy. My Christmas will get here when you make it home. I love  you so very much love. Be safe, be well and know that my heart is with you.

Until later love,


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