Saturday, October 8, 2011

Saturday Oct. 8th, 2011


They make everything electronic now days. Our phones are as small as a credit card, our computers can sit on our laps. Surgeries can be performed with the help of a robot. Cigarettes are now rechargeable!

Our world is reliant on electronics. Is that a complaint? Of course not, I am not a person that has a phobia about electronics. I rely on them as much as the next person. Without computers I couldn't be sitting here rambling on about things that are probably boring to most people.

Without electronics my dear Jon wouldn't be able to read about our every day life while he is away. Without computers our daughters wouldn't have a way to talk to their dad daily. Without computers I would have had to spend a month and a half without seeing my sexy soldier (thank you Skype!)

We do all rely on computers in one way or another every day.

Today, well it was a pretty good day. Weekend is here so no school work. I have spent the day not doing much. I downloaded some games, played them a little. Listened to some tunes that really hit that place in my soul. Found some songs that I had been missing from my collection. Thank you Amazon.
The girls enjoyed a day out in the beautiful sunlight.

Jon spent a long day at work. Which made my day a boring day. I handled it better than I thought I would though. The last two days Jon has been extremely busy, we have talked very little. That's okay though, I haven't been upset about it. It's his job. I guess in a way Jon was right, it helps to prepare for while he is overseas. It still sucks, but it wasn't nearly as hard as it had been the last couple of  weeks. I know he has to do this, there is no way around that at this point.

I am looking forward  to the day that we don't have the military looming over our heads though. It will be nice to finally have Jon to myself and our kids. I can't wait to be able to see Jon with our babies. The way he is with the girls I know that he is a good dad. It will be awesome to watch him with the twins. I know without a doubt he will be a great dad.

When Jon loves someone, he gives them his whole heart. Nothing else gets in his way, his love; his heart; his soul goes into loving you. I have been lucky to have felt that from him since the evening we met. Even then, before either of us uttered those three little words we knew how we felt. I knew from that moment that I wanted to be with Jon. I knew that he wanted to be in my life. I could tell. From that first evening he showed the girls that he cared for them as much as I do.

To have Jon care about the girls that way when he doesn't have to, means the world to me. He knew from the minute  he walked up to me that it would be a package deal. He accepted that, and he enjoyed it. That night we sat and talked as the girls set off their sparklers. He was talking with me and yet paying attention to them as well. It was so wonderful to watch. He paid attention. He stills pays attention. When I say something to him he listens. When he sees something he makes note of it for future use.

I told him once what the girls birth dates are, a couple weeks later I asked him those dates. He remembered.


I love you. Thank you for paying such close attention to every detail. I love that about you. You always pay attention to everything I say and do. I am thankful for that.

Your wife,



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