Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thursday Oct. 6th, 2011

Our angels. Such wonderful girls. Before you say it, I know all parents think their kids are the best. We are supposed to think that way as parents. In this case it is true. They are very well behaved, I have gotten comments about how well they act since they were very small, even coming from strangers. They are respective of others, and for sisters they don't fight that often amongst themselves. They help around the house without complaining. They keep themselves occupied most of the time.  Honestly, I have been very blessed when it comes to the girls.

Today was a teacher work day for us, so the girls didn't have school. Instead they played outside in the nice weather we have been having. They also helped mom out with getting their school papers all printed out and filed away for the time that I will be away. We also signed the girls up on NaNoWriMo. For those of you asking what the heck that is, let me explain.

NaNoWriMo is a writing project. You spend thirty days writing a novel, from start to finish. That has to include your cover for the book. You set a word count goal for kids under 17. For adults, your word count goal is preset at 50,000 words. Today I set the girls goal at 25,000. The program starts on November the 1st and runs through November 30th. Around the 25th of November they will copy what they have into an app on the website and see what their total word count is. If they have met their goal, they win. Their book will get printed so that the children have a print copy of their book.

Once the contest is over, I will be making them each their own blog to post what they want of their novel onto. I can't wait to see what each of their stories will be about. For myself, I won't be joining the program. I have enough books that I have started and not gotten finished yet. So for me, my plan is to do my best to finish one of my books during that time frame right along with the girls.

Maybe, just maybe I can complete one of my books. It would be a load off my mind to finally get one sent off to publishers. For me though I will get a late start with the program. It starts the 1st, I won't be able to start until the 6th. Which is fine with me; because I already have a beginning for my book. I have the character sheets made out, I know what I want in the book. All I need to do is get it down, and fluff it up. The "fluff" as I like to call it, has always been the hardest part for me. I can get a story idea and how I want the book to go with no problems, its all the "fluff" that makes a story a book that I have trouble with the most.

I have five books in progress, none of them any where near completion. I like to dabble in different types of books. I have a romance book, two paranormal fantasy books, a book on domestic violence, and one other book. The one other is a new book I just started in June. I was able to get about 20,000 words into the book before stopping on it. I had so many things going on that keeping up my writing wasn't a priority. Now my writing has to take a front burner, it has moved into a very high priority.


Our girls are doing well. They send their love to you. Rose is excited to start her novel next month. Curly is not so excited, but she agreed to do it anyway. Boo says your monkey loves you very much.
I love you my sweet.

Your wife,


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