Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday Oct. 16th, 2011

Baby Bump

Today was a long yet fun day. We went to Ponderosa for lunch. Afterwards we headed out shopping. I spent about $70 total but it was for things for my trip and some things I needed. Mom and I always have fun going shopping together. The girls had fun too. Lea and Boo were riding around on the electric cart with dad. I had to get after dad for making the girls get rowdy in the store. He thought it was funny. He likes to run people over with them too.

As for me, the highlight was the shopping trip. Of course the backache sucked afterward. It's getting harder to walk very much. The lower back kills when walking or standing for more than just a few minutes. Oh well that goes along with having babies. Love it and I wouldn't give it up for anything in the world.

As much as I hate the way I look when I am pregnant, I do enjoy being pregnant. There is nothing better in the world than feeling your baby moving for the first time. Men should have the ability to be pregnant. Then maybe they could understand just how special that feeling is.

Mom is about like Jon, they both think that pregnant women are beautiful. I think beautiful pregnant women are beautiful. I think average looking pregnant women are still just average. Mom has been enjoying taking belly pics. Jon loves seeing them. Me, well I'm just embarrassed that I am so huge with a ton of stretch marks. I know it goes along with having kids. But I could most certainly do without those horrible looking marks.

But that is a whole other rant. LOL


I know I was quiet again tonight. I had so many things I was trying to get done at once. Downloads, mom's PSP leason lol, working on this blog, and trying to have a somewhat reasonable conversation on the phone. I promise to try to do better at holding a conversation while working on things. I love you so much my love.



Anonymous said...

I had a wonderful time as well Sweetheart. Thanks for the time we spent today. Love ya both.

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