Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday Oct. 7th, 2011

Today was one of those long and difficult days for the girls with school. They all aced their spelling pre-tests. So none have to take the test on Monday!. That part was great. Math on the other hand gave each of them problems today. The older two especially. Little monkey boo, at least her problems were simple to correct.

What was funny as hell though, was that their grandpa was trying to help too. Bad part was, the teacher (me) had to keep correcting his mistakes too! LOL That was hilarious. Once we moved on to pre-algebra the girls did an awesome job, so did grandpa.

History was simple. Science was ok. Monday they begin their class for the NaNoWriMo. They get to learn what makes it easier, and what to avoid when writing a novel. I wish someone had taught me all that before I began to write. Would have made things much simpler to know that.

Our oldest daughter is working on her typing class as we speak (or as I type) LOL. The other two are working with grandma on their ability to find things that are hidden. Got to love hidden object games.
Their Spanish class is a chore for all of us. A teacher that is teaching something that she herself has no idea on whatsoever. We have plenty of Spanish worksheets, but that doesn't help with the correct pronunciation of the words. Thankfully Rosetta Stone is better than this teacher.

My dear Jon has had a very busy day today, and has only been able to call for about two minutes once today. That sucks, but I am making it through it okay. I haven't been feeling well today. I woke up this morning with my lower back hurting badly. Throughout the day it has lessened. In its place is a terrible headache, and the babies have found my nausea button again. Just when you think they had decided to leave it alone, BAM! It hits you all over again.

On the plus side of today, it was b-e-a-u-tiful day! Over 80 degrees, we had our classes outside again, it was perfect. I love doing school outside when we can. There is something about the fresh air, sunlight, and sound of nature that just relaxes you. The girls were patient with their lessons which was nice.

Jon my love,

I hope that your day wasn't too long and boring. Hopefully you were able to enjoy at least something about today. The girls told me to tell you; they wish you were here to help with Science. They know you would make blowing something up one of their lessons. LOL

I love you my sweet love,



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