Monday, October 3, 2011

Monday Oct. 3rd, 2011


Okay, yes I feel better now. Today has been one of those days I hate. It's been busy since I woke up. It was good that it was so hectic though. First thing this morning my doctors office called. I had an appointment scheduled with the new high risk doctor at 11:30 am. The old doctors nurse forgot to call me on Friday to tell me. Jump in the shower be ready to leave in fifteen minutes. Hop in the van, drive forty five minutes to get to the new doctors office right on time.

On that note; everything is fine with the babies. He revised my due date. I am due May 28th now. He decided to do that based on the development of the twins. That made me exactly six weeks today. For six weeks I look like six months! Yeah, I am going to be HUGE by the time this pregnancy ends.

My mind is going a hundred miles a second with preparations for the trip. So much to get accomplished, so many things on my mind at once. I have never been away from the girls this long. Twelve days away from my little angels. That's a long time when I have never spent more than two days away from them, and that was only once. Yeah it is a whole new and scary concept for me. So many things could go wrong. Don't get that wrong, I trust that mom and dad will be here with them. I know they won't let anything happen to the girls.

Still that doesn't make the idea of leaving them any easier. At the same time though, I want to spend this time with Jon. He could make the trip home, but that would take away from the time that we would have together. Really I don't want to put the girls through the whole having to say goodbye part again. It's going to be hell enough on me, they don't need to go through it again. Plus, mom is dealing with him being gone as well as she can. I would hate to see her have to go through it again. Dad has been dealing with depression since Jon left.

For the most part the girls are handling it fine. They too have their days though. Mostly I stay in my room and try not to think about anything to do with the Guard. I do my best to keep my mind busy with something.

Jon my love,

I'm sorry I was distant tonight. There are just so many things swimming around in my mind. From deployment issues, to babies, to traveling. There are so many things that I want to be able to say and do with you.There never seems to be enough time for any of it. We are always hurrying to get something done before you have to leave. Some day we will have time to just be us with no hurrying.
Until then, just know that you are what makes my world complete. I love you my sweet husband.



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