Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday Oct. 21st, 2011


Well it has been exactly 7 days since the last baby bump pics. See how big I have gotten in just a week? The twins are the size of a green olive (1 inch long) right now. Between the fluid and them, I don't know how much room there is going to be here at the momma hotel. Today I have had the normal stretching pains that go along with pregnancy. It feels like they are trying to tear their way out already. Of course it's just everything stretching to make room for them.

So today has been a pretty boring day. Grandpa and I were busy today working on the front porch. We finally have all the plastic up and the door made and hung. The only thing left for tomorrow is to put the plastic on the door. Then it will all be finished. It looks a lot better now that its done. It's also a lot warmer on the porch. The kitten doesn't know what to think about being trapped on the porch though.

Jon has been a busy man again today. I know that part of it is that it is getting so close to time he will have to be away. Part of it is that they are working him to death.

Oh the speech that Obama gave this morning about bringing troops from Iraq home by the end of December? Every one I know had to call or text me to tell me that Jon may not be going overseas after all. Hello? Uh, did you ALL forget that he is going to Afghanistan? I know to us here it is all one in the same country right? No it isn't. I wish half of them would have remembered what I told them. Don't believe anything that you hear on the news regarding the troops. If you want to know if something that was said is true, wait I'll know if it is. Thankfully I have those that keep me as up to date as they can.

Jon tries to make sure I have some clue as to what is going on, for the things that he is able to share with me anyway. The FRG (Family Readiness Group) does their best to keep mom and I informed as well. Trust me when I say that if Jon were going to becoming back home instead of going overseas; he most certainly would let me know.

Now don't take all that wrong, I love each of you that called and texted to try to give me good news. I do appreciate it, but please know that while Jon is overseas I really don't want to know what Obama is saying about the troops. I don't believe half what that man says regarding our service men and women. He usually only tells the public what he thinks they want to hear. he doesn't tell you that when he says he is bringing 30,000 troops home; that he is also sending 30,000 more over there to replace those coming home.

Really I don't need the stress right now of Obama's lies. When Jon is going to come home, he or the FRG will tell me. I just can't get my hopes up every time our government says they are coming home. Thank you all for wanting to give me good news though. Right now the only good news I will be getting, is when Jon calls and says baby I'm coming home. I live for that call.

Jon my love,

Don't forget to take a look at the baby bump page. Can you believe it? That is after only one week! Yep I'm screwed. LOL In a good way, but still screwed. I love you baby and I miss you more than you can know. Hurry home safe and sound.



Boo Johnson said...

I am the first to comment I love you and I also love the blog.

Faith Rose said...

Your belly is SO awesome, my sisters or brothers are going to be big little munchkins lol Love you.

Faith Rose said...

Thanks mom, I'm rather fond of reading your blogs every night too, your an awesome woman, great role model and everything I want to be

Anonymous said...

Your belly is so cute. I am so happy to be a part of the family that you are bringing to me and Jon and grandpa and the girls.
Thanks so much for all that you do.

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